Tips for your finances in the holiday season

It is common that at Christmas time we are more splendid with family and friends, but it is important to review our budget to avoid unnecessary expenses, of course, if you have dental problems and you need dental implants in Tijuana Mexico, it is an expense that you should not postpone since It can get more expensive if you do not attend it on time.

Let’s start talking about Christmas, and it’s an exceptional date: we meet with family and friends and exchange gifts. However, it is also a season in which we tend to spend more and suffer the ‘January slope.’

That’s why a little creativity and organization is essential so that this time of the year becomes an unforgettable celebration, without affecting your portfolio.

This can be the ideal occasion to transform your financial habits and start 2018 without debt. Here are some tips for you to have a spectacular Christmas season without leaving your budget, according to the leading economic:

Make clear accounts

The best way to not exceed your expenses this season is by planning. Most of the time, the famous ‘January slope’ is nothing more than the result of financial mismanagement during the last weeks of December, so to avoid that situation, set your budget for gifts and Christmas dinner, but The most important thing is to make sure that you are attached to him and do not give in to temptation.

Learn to say No

In how many exchanges will you participate? In the office, in your house, with your cousins, with your friends from the university, in short, the list can be as long as you wish. That is why it is recommended that you learn to say ‘no’ to so many exchanges. On average, people pay 300 pesos for each gift, so if you are already considering participating in 4 or 5 transactions, it is good to stop and think if your portfolio allows you to do these expenses.

Think of a realistic self-reward

You’ve probably waited until this time of year to give yourself something, maybe buy something you need or give you a treat with a gadget, an update to your wardrobe or acquiring that appliance you required. However, it is advisable to include this payment within your budget and be realistic about whether you can afford it.