Sell Insurance policies like a pro

The goal of every salesperson is to grow their customer network and sell more insurance policies. To achieve this, here are, some qualities and methods, common among the most successful salespeople.

1. Offer consultation rather than sell insurance. When interacting with a client, let them lead the conversation. This way they are likely to give up more information. Get to understand their lifestyle and their insecurities and plans for the future. Based on that, you can get what they are looking for.

2. A salesperson might want to go straight into pitching the policy offer, and the incentives awarded when they buy that policy. But to be more effective, explain to a prospective client how a specific policy can make a problem of theirs go away or might relieve some pressure, and give them peace.

3. Most clients might get bored when you get into the technical bits of the policy beforehand. Try leading with the benefits of the policy, tied together with their specific needs which you would have gathered by listening.

4. To sell insurance policy effectively, one must also lay down goals and timelines. A salesperson should be aware of the number of meetings arranged for a particular day to ensure optimum efficiency. Try to set goals based on increasing your average sale rather than getting 100% sell rate. You feel growth in your day to day performance, and it also alleviates pressure. Also you may need a system like Sentry IMS to offer a better service.

5. Always leave something behind after an interaction with a prospect. It could be a business brochure or business card, for future communication in case the clients’ need clarification or wants to buy a policy later on. Do not be afraid of asking for referrals from your satisfied clients.

6. A salesperson should also take advantage of trade shows, meetings and get-togethers to build a solid network and learn from giants in the industry. Also try surrounding yourself with positive, successful people.

7. Finally, you just have to love what you do.