Reactivate Funds in support of small traders

We all worry for our economy and so do merchants of small companies including dentists in Tijuana Mexico that  have requested the activation of Tijuana Funds to support their growth, so some programs were validated to disperse resources and help them as a fundamental part of creating a strong and stable city economically informed the secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana.

And to avoid deviations of money and the whole fund to go where it has to go detailed that it is scheduled an ordinary session with the members of the technical committee for July 31 of this year, which will consist of reviewing the modifications of the trust of Tijuana funds and be able to properly deliver the resource.

The support to deliver has an annual projection of 25 million pesos, obtained from the sale of passes of the agile crossing addressed to doctors, mainly hospitals and hotels, this is important since for those who have not yet crossed the border they should know that the line to enter the United States can vary from 30 minutes to 6 hours, so when they go to the doctor in Mexico ask for the fast pass.

However, it was necessary to clean the program by instruction of the municipal president, due to a complaint, mainly from hospitals, because even with this pass they could not guarantee users access in 15 minutes.

Merchants are waiting to receive this resource, which may arrive 10 or 15 days after the scheduled meeting.

“Once the scheduled meeting is unloaded, where the programs to be developed would be presented, it would be scarce 10 to 15 days to be able to receive the projects that somehow need and requests for support,” he emphasized.

The secretary finalized with the petition to the merchants to remain pending that the programs reach an agreement to begin with their distribution of funds.