Learning Spanish: The Business Opportunities

The Spanish-speaking market is the one that grows the most year after year in the US both by the people whose native language is Spanish and the second and third generation of Hispanic immigrants who speak it or learn it. By being able to speak, write and understand Spanish, companies from almost any sector approach this market and can develop their actions better than their competitors who do not handle the language. According to the 2011 IBISWorld report, the seven sectors that will be most influenced by the growth of Hispanics in the US will be: the food industry, the retail trade, education, the real estate market, the financial industry, transportation and the entertainment industry. In addition, the United States has bilateral or free trade agreements with many spanish speaking countries.

As the Spanish-speaking population grows in the urban centers and peripheral cities of the United States, the demand for the use and / or knowledge of Spanish in the labor market also rises, Spanish 55 is the best option if you want to learn it in the best way. In the services sector, (the banking sector, the education sector and, above all, customer service) having employees who feel good about using Spanish is a necessity and a competitive advantage because it puts them the client’s pair and transmits them a lot of confidence and security. In a globalized company, the manager, the sales agents and even the support technicians need to talk with their clients to solve problems, negotiate processes, contracts or costs and participate in the client’s business culture, both to identify the common points and the advantages.

For these reasons, among many others, the demonstrable knowledge of Spanish in a CV generates many employment opportunities for non-Hispanic Americans. For an employer, the fact of really knowing Spanish means that, as an employee, you will be able to reach a wider audience, better understand the needs and tastes of Hispanic clients and you will know more about the outside world than someone who does not know it. In addition, it shows that you have been able to carry out an immense task of learning until the end.