How to Shop for a Custom Food Trucks Company

You’ve decided to buy a custom food truck! Congratulations; if you are new to the food truck business you are about to embark on a journey where there is tons of money to make, and if you are no stranger to the food truck business but this is your first new, custom food truck, you are about to change your game.

It goes without saying that the first step in this process is to find a custom food trucks company that stands out above the rest in terms of quality, affordability, and marketing. This is a very time-consuming task and it can come with a number of headaches, as all food truck manufacturers are competing against one another for your business. As a result, they will all claim to offer the best prices and highest quality, but clearly this is impossible.

This article will help you navigate the seas of food truck fabricators to find that custom builder who can set you up with an ideal food truck to make a killing in 2019.

Custom Food Trucks Must Offer Value

Most people make the mistake of comparing sticker prices when shopping for custom food trucks from multiple builders. But instead of looking at the price, ask yourself where the value it. While one truck may be $80,000, and another truck that looks identical is $100,000, saving that 20K off the top seems ideal. But look at the platform, materials, and the equipment. Unfortunately, many custom food trucks builders will claim to offer top quality griddles, friers, refrigerators and ranges, but in fact they are non-certified refurbished models or lower-quality versions that only resemble the top-of-line versions aesthetically.

Investing in a cheap food truck with poor-quality equipment can cost you thousands in the long run, as well as additional thousands in loss of business. If your food truck is constantly undergoing repairs, not only will you have to cough up money, but you will be losing income while you are off the street, and your customers will be eating from your competition. Therefore, when shopping custom food trucks invest where there is value and not a cheap price tag.

Buy A Food Truck You can Grow Into

More than 90 percent of food trucks that started out in 2018 had a goal to increase their menu items going into the next year. Sometimes this means hiring an extra person to meet your hungry customer’s demands, other times it means buying additional equipment, and sometimes this calls for both.

When shopping custom food trucks, look for a builder who can design a food truck that meets your current needs but that you can also grow into based on your goals. For example, a hot dog food truck business known for exotic meats may have a goal to branch out next year and add exotim hamburgers to his menus made from ground boar, bison or kangaroo. But this would require a griddle and an additional prep space. If you have goals that mirror this example, make sure to partner with a custom food trucks builder who can manufacture a food truck that’s perfect for your current business model, and one you can easily slide into as you grow.