Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Packaging

The cannabis industry is booming, as more and more people are branching out in using cannabis products. Gone are the days where the primary buyer personas consisted of “potheads” and “stoners”. Today’s cannabis users come in a number of types with various needs, and the cannabis packaging brands sellect will weigh heavily on their ability to market to these groups effectively.

But this is easier said than done and is exactly why marijuana growers partner with the best cannabis packaging companies to ensure they reach their ideal customers. Before we delve into the ends and outs of cannabis packaging, let’s first consider the customers you are trying to attracts and how packaging needs to be buyer-focused.

Cannabis Packaging Design

Typically, there are two main groups, and each of these has sub-groups. You have your leisure cannabis users that make up group one, and your cannabis users for medicinal purposes that make up group two. Group one has sub-groups of 18-25 year olds who are the “stereotypical stoner” types. These are the college students, video gamers, surfers, and skaters. Then you have your hipsters aged 23-32, as well as your blue collar and white collar professionals. As for medicinal marijuana users, you have people with terminal illnesses or chronic pain who are conservative and had moral objections to cannabis before they became ill, and you have those who are not morally opposed but are taking it to increase their appetites and for pain management due to a health condition.

Large percentages of these subgroups make purchasing decisions based on cannabis packaging design. They go to a dispensary, and look at all the various product on the shelf. While cannabis packaging with a dragon breathing a rainbow flame to the moon might appeal to an 18 year-old who wants to get high after taking his SATs, this packaging would likely not appeal to a 55 year old conservative women battling cancer. When working with a cannabis packaging company, make sure they have a thorough understanding of your target buyers and can design something that will make your product highly popular.

Cannabis Packaging Safety and Regulatory Measures

States are constantly changing cannabis packaging and regulatory standards regarding labeling requirements. This means cannabis packaging labels must be updated, and the best marijuana packaging companies are always aware of the various state laws and how to implements the cannabis packaging design with the right text and labels.

Traditional product packaging like litholam and flexo run into high entry costs due to the mandatory print plates and low volume orders. Then you have new laws that come in, and all of this goes to waste leaving growers with cannabis packaging inventory they can’t use. The best cannabis packaging printing companies have high-quality, affordable labels and packaging solutions solutions that remove the need to buy plates. Digital graphics can be easily updated without incurring tons of cost. Make sure to partner with a high-quality cannabis packaging company to ensure you reach the right customers while staying within all legal boundaries.