America And Her Businessman In The Power

In the days that Trump has been in office, he has shown that he was clear that what he had to do was to give the feeling that he has accomplished everything he had promised in the electoral campaign, although to fulfill everything in practice we have to wait. And although in Mexico it was thought that with him in the presidency, Mexico would be severely affected, the truth is that not so much, there is a lot of work in the country and dentists like Dental Easy Care Tijuana demonstrates that the preparation and professionalism beat the circumstances, so all in all, the state has shown to move forward.

And the reality is that the border wall exists, it is not an invention of Donald Trump; it was built in the year 94 by the mandate of a president as progressive as Bill Clinton. What he will do will surely be complete.

On the other hand, Trump has promised to deport illegal immigrants and will do so in no small extent, but not to 11 million people, because it is an essential logistical, judicial, political, and police operation, it is hard to imagine that it can be carried out with that many people. ”

Trump will expel many people, what I do not know if it is possible is that he will deport as many people as Barack Obama, who discharged 2,800,000 people during his term. Trump is going to do things that he transmits in such an intense way that he seems to have invented them.

As for the prototypes for the wall, it is said that they were built at the cost of 3.3 million dollars of federal funds and were unveiled in October along the US border near San Diego. The petition, promoted by the non-profit organization with the name of Make America Great Again, which was the slogan of the president’s campaign, seeks to avoid the demolition of the prototypes under the law for the Preservation of Antiques of 1906 and describes the structures as a great exhibition of earth art with a significant cultural value.