3 Tips for Finding the Best 3D Mapping Company for Main Event Specials

In order for main event specials to be jaw-dropping spectacles, 3D mapping and other forms of multimedia technology are required to help convey the concept, show value, and entertain viewer audiences with immersive experiences only multimedia art can deliver. This is why brand managers and stage designers take a lot of time and effort in finding companies that offer 3D mapping and multimedia stage design concepts and deliverables. Here are three tips to help you find the best 3D mapping services in the industry to make your main event special mesmerizing.

1. Make Sure the 3D Mapping Stage Designer has the best Technology

You need to make sure your 3D mapping services are deployed with the best, and the right technology. After the projection surface is chosen, software is used to map out the corners of the video to the surfaces. In order to mask the image back into its framework and map the imagery in 3D, the right masking technology must be used. Make sure the videomapping company uses technology that best performs by using opacity templates that actually mask and position all elements of the building, landscape, object, or whatever projection surface is being used.

The projector for 3D mapping must als be top-line; it must have coordination technology for placing the object, orientation, and a lense that can support the high demands required to create a high-quality virtual scene. A common, high-quality tool used by 3D mapping experts is BLAM!, an add-on for Blender 3D’s open source animation suite. If your main event requires larger projectors, make sure the 3D mapping experts use one with 20,000 lumens output or greater. This is especially recommended if the videomapping surface is a large building. If the production is for a smaller stage a 2200 lumen projector is ideal and works well within indoor lighting and common theatrical lights.

2. Make Sure the 3D Mapping Multimedia Stage Designers are True Creatives

Even if you have the best 3D mapping technology for your main event special, it won’t truly pop unless there are creative minds behind the controls. Don’t simply settle for stage design and lighting engineers; look for multimedia digital artists who know how to improve upon concepts while delivering unique, creative ways that tie the focal point of the main event special into the emotional consciousness of the audience viewing experience.

3. Check the 3D Mapping Company’s Portfolio

Finally, look for a videomapping, multimedia stage design company that has an impressive portfolio of projects. Using 3D mapping for a handful of small operations is not the callsign of a skilled, innovative 3D mapping company. Instead, look for one that has worked with top internationally known brands, mainstream events, and massive government and entertainment-based events. Companies that have done 3D mapping for special events for clients like Lamborghini and Samsung simply attest to the fact that they are skilled masters of videomapping.